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Here is an excerpt of my journal from last year, around this time.  Since this entry Polly has become a world renowned sitter.  Now the trick is getting her to stand:



Today I woke up to pounding rain, lightning, and thunder.  It is the first of March.  My disparity about Polly has lessened so much that at times I struggle to remember why I was so sad at first.  Although I struggle to remember why, the feelings are very real, just a bit stuffed down in my inner being.  Polly is almost eleven months old.   

Last Friday she started to sit up independently.  For a while I’ve known that she was strong enough to do this, but she refused to.  Once I would sit her up she would quickly flip herself backwards.  Being close during this exercise every time I would reach out and catch her before she smacked her head.  And then last week I decided to just let her fall.  Of course I was concerned for her head.  I didn’t want her to get hurt.  But more so, I wanted her to realize that there wasn’t someone there to catch her every time.  In so doing, maybe she would learn to balance on her own.   

So last Friday she got hurt.  She would get propped up, fall backwards and hit her head.  Through her screeching and tears I would comfort her, hug and kiss her, rock her.  She’d regain composure and then we would play.  After a while we tried again.  It only took a couple times and she got the picture.  By the afternoon she was sitting up for a longer stretch of time and then kind of leaning to the side to get down.  Now she is able to sit up to fifteen minutes and play.  When we applaud her she smiles and laughs, knowing that she has a reason to be proud. 

Balance.  Maybe one of the lessons God wants to teach us through having Polly is about balance.  I know that I’ve never fallen harder than when she was born.  Now that I am sitting back up, I am much more balanced.  I am stronger.  I am aware that a fall can happen anytime.


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