Day Twenty-six

October 28, 2008 at 3:25 am 1 comment

The news sank in and I scraped myself off the floor and tried to pay more attention to my daughter.  It was strange to be in the hospital still.  I was well enough to leave but allowed to stay there with her. 

I had no outlet.  I am a gatherer and I wasn’t able to look for any information about Down syndrome.  Our lives were on pause.  The hospital had nothing to offer.  I hear about women in the States who deliver babies with Ds.  Some say they had to actually call some organizations like NADS and ask them to please stop calling.

And Polly was gaining strength.  She was breathing more on her own, her blood platletts were better and after almost two weeks of life I was finally able to hold her.  She was long and thin like Elaina when she was born.  Crying before I took her she quieted down in my arms.  I was amazed that this little person made so much commotion. 

The nurses showed me how to give Polly a bath with cotton balls and oil, starting at her ears all the way down to the bottoms of her feet.  She didn’t like being naked and thrashed her head from side to side, her little cry attempting to fill the space around her.

A sweet American woman, a grandmother to two children in the States with Down syndrome came to visit me one day in the hospital, armed with stories and photos.  I looked in amazement at a family who seemed happy and content, even thankful for their family.  The mother of the children wrote me an email and as I read her words, one mother to another, about God’s view of perfection and what she has learned from her kids, I cried.  But the tears were a bit different then before.

I received other emails.  Sergei brought print outs with him when he visited.  So many people I didn’t even really know took time to write to our family. 

And everyone basically said the same thing.

“Everything will be alright.”


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  • 1. Deborah  |  October 28, 2008 at 3:51 pm

    Just wanted to let you know I am stillreading every day! I can’t imagine waiting so long to hold your child.


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