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March 26, 2009 at 4:50 pm 1 comment

…We might get to take the older girls with us to get Evangeline. They would just stay the first two weeks with Sergei and come home with him.  Then I’ll stay another three or four until everything is complete.  The funding is almost there to do it!

We are waiting for one last paper and then the beginning of the end will start.  We’ll ship our dossier to Ukraine and wait for a court date. 

In other news: Zoya is having a puppy dog 7thbirthday party tomorrow.  Her actual birthday is Sunday.  It’s puppy dog b/c that was the motif in abundance at the Dollar General and I could pull it off still with her as something cool.  So the eight little girls at the party are getting their faces painted like dogs, we’re serving cocoa puffs in brand new dog bowls and the entree is hot dogs, of course!

In other news: Sergei and I are going to a Gala Saturday night.  It’s a large fundraiser for school.  I am intimidated at such things but my friend Amy gave me great advice:  come an hour late.  That way, everyone will have already had a drink and there will be so many people there we will just blend in.  She said it’s easy to live early that way too.  Oh, so wise, Amy!

In other news: Polly’s birthday is next weekend, April 5th.  She is having a My Little Pony party b/c that was the motif in abundance at the Dollar Store three months ago.  I bought all the loot and put it down in the basement and am now trying to conjure up the needed energy to actually invite a bunch of three year olds over for another party so soon after Zo’s.  Polly could care less, really but I do have the stuff.  Hmmm…

In other news:  After Polly turns three she will start preschool five mornings a week in a blended classroom four miles from our house.  She can even take the bus if need be.  Whoa.  I think we’ll drive her thanks.

In other news:  There really isn’t any news about Elaina right now except that she has made folding the laundry her job and to date has folded four loads of laundry and placed the clothes on each person’s bed to put away.  It’s like Christmas for me every time she does it. 

In other news:  Sergei is doing well.  He started another class last week, chipping away one class a semester at a Historical Christianity Masters.  Funny, the guy dresses up in a suitcoat for class, for the zoo, for walks but not for Church when he’s preaching.  He’s so edgy!  Also, He brought me a dozen yellow roses the other day for no reason.  Wow!

In other news:  I am making time to write now.  There are a couple essays in the works and I am making plans to try to publish some things.  It feels good to do something outside of mothering and adoption and therapy and church.  Also, I am dying without coffee and am counting the days until Lent is over.  I know, very spiritual.


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  • 1. Ecki  |  March 27, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    We’ve never had a party for Kayla outside of family. This will be the first year and just an online friends meetup. Hope Polly’s Pony party is great! I can’t believe she will be starting PreK! Kayla actually started a couple months before she turned 3.


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